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Between redemption and the pain

My debut album ...

Having grown up as a Third Culture Kid in South Africa, Gordon Gregory has a unique outlook on life, and it shows in his songwriting. Never willing to settle for cliches, both lyrically and musically, his fresh brand of Christan indie pop brings 13 years experience as both a pianist and guitarist, 12 years experience in writing over 200 songs and a Bachelors degree in Music Composition to the table. He honestly opens his heart in each song as an invitation to the listener to do the same, welcoming them to wrestle through the realities of life, faith and art in a way that is unapologetically authentic. 

His debut album, BETWEEN REDEMPTION AND THE PAIN, is an overflow of this authenticity. This album does not shy away from the pain, loss and brokenness that so many suffer through alone and doesn’t dismiss the heartaches of life with easy answers. With Psalm-like candidness, Gordon cries out to God to be real and relevant in the midst of life’s messier situations, to reveal His grace in times of failure and to bring redemption to life’s most hopeless moments. It is this theme of hopeful redemption that permeates the album, as it does the heart of God, and will be an encouragement to any person honest enough to admit that they don’t have it all together.